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Песня мужчины, задолбанного феминистками

(spoken intro)
Alright now, it's time for a reality check
This song is about the changing values and the changing roles
Of the twenty-first century woman
And the problems this presents for the twenty-first century man
I call this song I'm a Neanderthal!

I used to hold doors open for ladies
'Cause that's the way I was taught
Now some don't seem to like it
It's givin' me second thoughts
Sometimes they'll get mad and
They'll think I'm puttin' 'em down
That Feminist Manifesto
Makes me feel just like a clown
I'm a Neanderthal
I'm a Neanderthal

I never know what to do
I just want to get along
I used to be such a gentleman
But now they tell me
I've got it all wrong
I never know what to say
I don't mean to offend
But, things change everyday
And I'm just one of the men
I'm a Neanderthal
I'm a Neanderthal

I'm gonna live in a cave some place
And get away from all of this mess
Ain't gonna get within 20 miles
Of anything wearin' a dress
I'm so damn confused now
I don't know what to think
You know I've got the blues and how
Because my love life's gone down the sink
I'm a Neanderthal
I'm a Neanderthal

Words and Music
Frederick Niel Pfiel
Copyright 1988
All Rights Reserved

Перенесено из Dreamwidth.

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