June 25th, 2006



На просторах ЖЖ иногда попадаются хорошие вещи.

things aint what they seem

life is never what it seems
i left home when i was just 15
had grown up knowing how to dream
life never turns out the way it seems

drugs were always there
i always had the connections
you need to score i can help you there
just looking for directions

surviving life doing what i needed to do
looking for anything, help some clue
to help me escape that deep melancholy blue
the result of an angry you with nothing else to do

lived with mates
worked hand to mouth
living to find my next way out

through pills and powders i chose to inhale
i created a path that was destined to fail
it all gets to much, easy answer just bail
and wander aimlessly through life to no avail

suddenly you realise
your older now
you think a bit deeper
realise why and how

to end the cycle of depression and self abuse
to use what your blessed with put it to use
realise you dont have to follow the road
stand the fuck up walk carry the load

Автор lucyalice