Неполиткорректный виртуал (pascendi) wrote,
Неполиткорректный виртуал

О гражданской войне на Украине

То, что сейчас происходит в Донбассе, на самом деле цветочки. Настоящая, полномасштабная гражданская война начнется, когда батальоны Коломойского пойдут на Киев.

It might be hard to imagine how Ukraine, nearly bankrupt and being steadily dismembered by Russian troops and heavily armed pro-Russian separatists, could get more chaotic. Angry veterans heading to Kiev would accomplish that.

"We're going to give them half a year to show the country has somehow changed, that even if it's hard, there's light ahead," Yuriy Bereza, Dnipro-1's popular commander, told AFP.

Asked what would happen should that deadline pass, another paramilitary member at headquarters, a tall man in civilian clothing with a pistol strapped to his side, didn't hesitate.

"A coup," he said.

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