Неполиткорректный виртуал (pascendi) wrote,
Неполиткорректный виртуал

Оно упало с неба

У CCR есть такая песенка "It Came Out Of The Sky":

Oh, it came out of the sky, landed just a little south of Moline.
Jody fell out of his tractor, couldn't believe what he seen.
Laid on the ground and shook, fearin' for his life.
Then he ran all the way to town screamin' "it came out of the sky."

Well, a crowd gathered 'round and a scientist said it was marsh gas.
Spiro came and made a speech about raising the mars tax.
The Vatican said, "Woe, the lord has come".
Hollywood rushed out an epic film.
And Ronnie the popular said it was a communist plot.

Oh, the newspapers came and made Jody a national hero.
Walter and Eric said they'd put him on a network t.v. show.
The white house said, "put the thing in the blue room".
The Vatican said, "No, it belongs to Rome."
And Jody said, "It's mine and you can have it for seventeen million."

Ну, Spiro здесь -- это Спиро Агню, вице-президент. Ronnie the Popular -- очевидно, Рональд Рейган, тогда еще далеко не президент.

А вот кто Walter и Eric?

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